To perform a full audit, we analyze the business from the inside, study the external conditions for it and search for solutions to make the company more effective.
Audit and
In the beginning of the project we define how competitive the company is in its current state. We study the business model and evaluate its effectiveness. As a result, we test out the product and the service, we evaluate the CJM and we get in contact with the team to understand the processes. Then we shape detailed recommendations on what changes are needed. Depending on the information received, the solutions may vary from slight changes to the menu to a complete rebranding and change of the overall concept.
Concept audit
Our team will perform a detailed study of every marketing instrument (both online and offline) and provide practical recommendations for the amendments needed. We will also prepare a list of competences for the marketing team and determine what skills are lacking in the current team.
Marketing audit

While performing an operational audit, we hold a mystery shopper visit, monitor the work of the team and define the key parameters for tracking the quality of the customer experience. Then together with the management team we perform an evaluation of operational processes, standards and checklists, and the approach to training and team management. Based on that, we develop a set of KPIs and other managerial reporting parameters. After reviewing our observations and numbers, we provide recommendations for optimizing costs, and we help overcome existing barriers for sales.
Operational audit
The evaluation of your work through your customers' eyes is an important practice for your business. We hold a series of secret visits by our own auditors to monitor the customers' experience and define any mismatches between the brand promise and the actual service provided in the location. This helps eliminate cases where customers leave without a purchase or leave your restaurant or cafe feeling disappointed. The recommendations based on the audit will help increase customer satisfaction from the service, ensure better customer loyalty and increase sales based on the quality of the service received.

Audit of customer experience (CX) and customer journey map (CJM)
We create financial models for new businesses and help existing businesses perfect their financial planning. The suitable model can either be created in a simplified form based on a few inputs, or written out with a high level of detail with several scenarios based on the client's requests. The chosen model shows economic feasibility and efficiency of the project, and it allows setting the desired financial goals and monitoring the success of achieving them. It also facilitates setting the investment, financial, dividend and tax policies of the company.
Financial model

The main task while making changes to the brand is to have a refreshed feel without losing the brand's strengths and its loyal customers. Together with the client's team we define the market niche that we need to position in, as well as the audience we need to keep in touch with or build new relationships with. We renew the concept and shape the new brand platform. We develop a detailed plan for implementation to make the rebranding process seamless.

While working on changing the concept of a restaurant, we always start with an audit that shows us the most valuable aspects of the business. Those need to be preserved. Then with this information, we develop a new concept, write out the brand platform, the marketing mix (7P), and changes in the menu, service and interior design.
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