We develop concepts for restaurants, hotels and tourist destinations.
This work begins with briefing the client. We define the goals for developing the new format, we specify the limitations of the current business, and we plan the assortment and perspectives for future development.
Based on this input data and the brand platform, we work in collaboration with architects to develop the creative idea for the space. We carefully shape the customer journey map (CJM) for both clients and employees. Based on the experience of the leaders on the market, we define the references for the furniture, decor, retail equipment and check-out desks. If needed, we also suggest an option for developing the brand identity for accentuating the features of the new format.

New formats for retail
Qualitative changes in service are one of the main drivers for sales growth. Before working on a new service concept, we conduct an audit of the service, analyze feedback from clients and guests, and study the brand platform, HR strategy, and features of the services provided by competitors.
Then we define the main idea for the new service concept and its implementation, from standardizing the employee uniforms to the communication style, from personalization of the service to the main characteristics of communication between team members while performing the service.
Service concept and philosophy
Shopping malls
This work also begins with creating the brand platform, describing the unique service propositions and atmosphere, and defining the portraits for the target audience and the main touchpoints: entertainment zones, restaurants, cafes, common spaces. If needed, we also curate the choice of stores and specialized corners that will attract the most traffic.
The foundation of every concept is the brand platform and the ideology behind the brand. Hospitality businesses are no exception. When the brand platform is shaped, we carefully craft the atmosphere in the establishment. We create the concept for the design of hotel rooms, common areas and spa areas, and the style and decor of the surrounding grounds.
We also work on concepts for F&B infrastructure: restaurants, lobby bars, room service, or restaurants à la carte. An important addition to a hotel concept is always an entertainment component.
Hotels and resorts
While developing a concept for a restaurant or cafe, we utilize extensive research of the location and context. For each project we create a portrait of the target audience and we examine the problematic issues and relevant consumer requests.
Then we shape the brand platform: the vision and the values of the brand, the mission of the project. After that, we define the rational and emotional advantages of the establishment and define its competitive advantages on the market. If needed, we provide support for creating the financial model of the business.
After solidifying the brand platform we move on to the details. We define the 7P marketing mix (price, promotion, place, product, people, process, physical evidence) and provide references for the interior and the tableware. We also create a matrix for the menu both for the bar and the kitchen.
Restaurants and cafes
Truly unique concepts that have a potential for a longer life span are designed with high regard to the local culture of the region. These projects should feel wholesome and have a unique atmosphere that is impossible to replicate. To get a better understanding of the cultural features, we visit museums and historical sites, consult with local guides, history experts and culturologists, and study local literature.
Cultural code
While working on the concept for a food court or urban space, we begin with the basic concept of the location, and then we develop on that with different ideas for filling the space with restaurants and cafes to make the environment cohesive. Based on the client's requirements, we evaluate suitable unique selling propositions, the main brand attributes of businesses, and we help select operational partners with their own brands or franchises.
Food courts and urban spaces
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