We help brands make their marketing consistent and controllable. We teach our clients to track the effectiveness of each instrument, and provide recommendations for strengthening the marketing team.
For developing a strategy, we utilize an integral method that includes choosing the right instruments for strategic, operational and tactical marketing. We develop recommendations changing the structure of the marketing department and choosing the skills needed to develop your business. We create a detailed plan for implementing the changes.
We engineer the brand vision, mission and values. We define the brand's big idea, develop the positioning, and the rational and emotional advantages of the brand, archetype, characteristics, tone of voice. Finally we work through key attributes such as but not limited to naming, descriptor, graphic style and colors.
Brand platform
Our marketing calendar is a unique toolkit developed by project leader Irina Avrutskaya. It is used by many international companies. In our calendar we consider all the events that may potentially have an impact on sales. We develop plans for menu renewals and marketing communications for 12 months ahead. The calendar also contains a part on analytics that enables us to evaluate the implementation of the plan and make decisions based on numbers. The calendar makes the workflow of the marketing department more systematic and easy to control.
Marketing calendar
Menu engineering
We analyze the sales structure and create an up-to-date menu matrix to increase revenue and turnover. We define the positions that are least profitable and need to be excluded from the menu, and describe the new positions to be introduced. We also take part in developing news menus, with detailed briefs for chefs and designers with graphic illustrations and references.
We create guidelines for local marketing, with a set of simple instructions on increasing the amount and frequency of purchases and attracting more traffic. Guidelines are a valuable instrument for marketing managers, franchisees or managers of restaurants or retail outlets. Our guidelines allow our clients to create and easily implement local marketing campaigns.
Guidelines for local
Marketing system
We believe that knowing the company's competitive advantages on the market and shaping a clear positioning are the foundation for building a successful marketing strategy. To develop a solid base for marketing, we carefully study the company's target audience, make a thorough comparison with the main competitors and, if needed, make changes to the product. Then we provide written recommendations for key messages and choose the suitable communication channels.
Marketing strategy
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