A comprehensive approach to business analysis and thorough planning of turnaround.
Concept audit
At the very beginning of our work, we determine what the rational and emotional advantages are, and how relevant the concept itself is. We study a business model and its efficacy. Following the audit, we draw up recommendations for changes. Depending on the information received, there may be different solutions, which can range from light "tuning" to rebranding or even a change of concept.
Marketing audit
Our team will thoroughly investigate all marketing tools, both online and offline, and spell out detailed recommendations to adjust the marketing system. We will prepare a crucial tool for business ー a list of the marketing team's necessary duties and their skill levels in these areas.
The main objective of rebranding is to renew without the company losing its strengths and loyal audience and to create a new visual image without losing brand awareness. Together with the customer, we will determine the market segment, into which we need to gain entry, as well as the audience with which we want to become acquainted. We update the concept and form a new brand platform. To ensure the rebranding process goes smoothly, we develop a step-by-step change implementation plan.
The starting point for changing the concept will always be an audit, in which we will identify the best assets that are worth maintaining. Subject to this information, we develop a new concept, spell out the brand platform, marketing mix (7P), and changes in the menu, service and interior.
Unique concepts for restaurants, hotels, entertainment and tourist destinations.
Marketing system
From marketing strategy and building a team to guides and playbooks.