From marketing strategy and building a team to guides and playbooks.
Marketing System
Strategy development, a comprehensive approach and individual selection of tools for operational and tactical marketing. Recommendations for Marketing Department structure and specialist skills needed specifically by your business. Working out a plan for the implementation of changes.
Brand Platform
We work out the brand vision, values and mission. We determine the core idea, positioning, rational and emotional advantages of the brand and the directions of effective communication with the consumer. The detailed brand platform is a strategic document, without which successful marketing management is impossible.
Marketing Calendar
Our marketing calendar format is a unique development by Irina Avrutskaya and is applied in several international companies. The calendar takes into consideration all the events that can affect sales, and also advertising activities that take these events into account. Additionally, a communication plan for 12 months is set out. The calendar makes the work of the Marketing Department systematic and manageable.
Menu Engineering
We analyze sales and draw up an up-to-date menu matrix to increase profitability and revenue. We determine irrelevant items that are to be withdrawn from the menu and describe new items to be added. We participate in the development of new items and prepare detailed briefs for designers with examples and references.
Local Marketing Guide
We create simple local marketing guidelines. A set of easy-to-use instructions for increasing the frequency of purchases and traffic is a go-to tool in hand of a local marketer, franchisee or store manager. It enables the implementation of local campaigns quickly and efficiently.
Regular consulting support
We help to implement developed strategies, concepts and rebranding step by step, day after day. We help with selecting specialists and contractors and answer questions that arise during the implementation process.
Outsourced Marketing Director
Together with the customer's team, we work out an action plan. We coordinate the work. We help in the implementation of the concept and accompany rebranding or other significant projects. We organise additional training for the customer's team. Always in touch and 100% involved.
Audit and rebranding
A comprehensive approach to business analysis and thorough planning of turnaround.
Our own methodology of strategic business planning: from in depth review to both high level and functional strategies.