Unique concepts for restaurants, hotels, entertainment and tourist destinations.
Restaurants and cafes
An in-depth study of the location, its context, and its significance is the groundwork for each concept. Furthermore, we form the foundation of the future business, including its vision, values and mission, we identify rational and emotional advantages of the future project, set ourselves apart from competitors, and help develop a financial model. For each concept, it is important to create a composite audience portrait and find the audience‚Äôs complaints and requirements. Once the brand platform is built, we set out the marketing mix (7P), give references on the interior, kitchenware and service features and draw up a menu matrix for the kitchen and bar. We also give suggestions on marketing and working with feedback from guests.
Entertainment and shopping malls
This work also begins with building a brand platform, describing USPs and atmosphere and working out the audience's personalities and points of contact. Then we develop the content of the complex, such as amenity areas, restaurants, cafes and public areas. If necessary, we also develop a plan for the selection of store concepts and specialized corners.
Hotels and tourist camps
Brand platform and ideology are a basis for any concept, and hospitality is no exception. When the platform is formed, we carefully work out the atmosphere, the design concept of rooms, public areas, the style and content of the adjacent territory. For a hotel project we usually create a number of F&B concepts including; a basic restaurant, a lobby bar, room service and, if necessary, an a la carte restaurant. The concept of a hotel is not complete without setting out the guest's cultural entertainment and creating experiences for them.
Food markets or city clusters
One specific feature of creating a concept for a foodmarket or city cluster is that first, the general concept of the entire location is worked out, and only then are concepts selected that will fill the space. Based on the needs of the customer, we describe concepts for fleshing out (USP, product and main brand attributes) or select existing franchises, including foreign ones.
Our own methodology of strategic business planning: from in depth review to both high level and functional strategies.
Audit and rebranding
A comprehensive approach to business analysis and thorough planning of turnaround.