Our own methodology of strategic business planning: from in depth review to both high level and functional strategies.
Corporate strategy
Working with the customer, we co-operate to shape the vision, values and mission for the group of companies. We determine the business’s audience and employee profile, creating composite images of people and their characteristics. We identify the core idea of the business, its unique features and emotional and rational advantages that are worth developing and will help to set it apart from competitors. This framework is also significant for building a strong HR brand, that attracts not just employees, but like-minded people to the team. The selection and recommendations for the implementation of suitable innovative and technological tools to systemise business and marketing will allow it to break through.
Business development strategy
Our work begins with drawing up a business map. We study all the assets, their structure and prospects, review financial reports and the suppliers' and partners' structure. Then we define a development strategy considering new promising markets and directions that will ensure high profitability and enable the company to reach a new level. The next important step and one of our strong points is studying and adjusting business models within the group. Additionally, our experts specify recommendations to adjust business processes and ways to develop B2B and B2C sales channels, specify directions for marketing development, define HR policy and methods to improve technology and business automation, form key objectives for the development of the finance block and draw up a plan to implement new
Franchise strategy
We begin development of a franchise strategy with positioning, identification or creation (if there is none) of a product and technology USPs. We consider the principle of choosing franchisee partners and determining the area of presence, the list of necessary services and equipment, a support and control program, and general requirements for doing business as an integral part of our strategy. To successfully enter the market, our team forms a strategy to promote your brand on the franchises market.
Delivery development strategy
Work on delivery development is performed in 5 main areas: IT, Logistics, Product, Service and Marketing. Studying these components in detail is the key success factor of the project. It's also important to think up extras for couriers to make ordinary food delivery a memorable experience. Our team also develops a strategy for online and offline promotion, principles for collecting feedback and working with reviews.