We feed success!
We feed success!
70+ projects every year


Our own methodology of strategic business planning: from in depth review to both high level and functional strategies.
Unique concepts for restaurants, hotels, entertainment and tourist destinations.

A comprehensive approach to analysing a business and searching for solutions to improve efficiency.
From marketing strategy and building a team to guides and playbooks.

How we work

  • 1
    Workshop with your team
    To solve one problem, we spend 2−3 days "in the fields" alongside your team.
    For example, a working group for creating a new concept needs 2 business days,
    and a working group for setting out a development strategy needs at least 3 days.
  • 2
    Preparation of plans, guides, instructions and conceptual presentations
    2-3 weeks and you'll have it all!
  • 3
    Support and consulting of your team
    30 days of consultancy support are included in every project!

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  • Irina Orlandini Avrutskaya
    Founder of Like4Like Hospitality Strategies and the GFT Agency think tank, business consultant on infrastructure and hospitality projects. Head of Marketing and Business Development and the innovations school at Novikov School. A graduate of SKOLKOVO Practicum. Formerly chief marketing officer at Uley Catering Group, Papa John's Pizza, TGI Fridays and Costa Coffee.

    Author of the bestseller "The Battle for the Guest. Strategies and tactics in Restaurant Marketing". Co-author of the book "120 Local Marketing Tools. Battle on Home Turf".
  • Olga Tarabrina
    Creative strategist. Runs business development, corporate strategy and rebranding projects.
    10 years of experience in restaurant marketing. Managed the TGI Friday's and Costa Coffee brands. Supervised the marketing department in the Ris and Luka Pizza restaurant chains.
    Co-author of the book "120 Local Marketing Tools. Battle on Home Turf".
  • Alyona Sapunova
    Develops and implements new concepts, and performs audits.
    10+ years in the restaurant business and 7 years in restaurant marketing. Former chief business development officer and head of projects at the Berèzka Group restaurant company.
  • Elena Tikhomirova
    Coordinates teamwork and manages customer relations, supports on data and outsourced talent.
    Specializing in marketing communications since 2009. Headed marketing department for an international trading company for 4+ years. Graduated from Novikov Business School (Restaurant Marketing programme). In restaurant business since 2020.
  • Nadezhda Kucher
    Supports food retail and product strategy projects.
    Business development consultant for Yandex Lavka, Khleb Nasushchny and COFIX.
    Former sales director at SPAR and Utkonos. Head of Ultra Fresh Perekryostok.
  • Duccio Orlandini
    Head of R&D projects, menu development and kitchen management.
    25 years of experience in gastronomy. Headed F&B production at major hotels in the USA, restaurants and catering at Harrods, the legendary department store in London, and later headed the product department for the Khleb Nasushchny chain.
  • Anna Kolosai
    Project management specialist in the international market, auditor.
    15 years experience in marketing and PR. Senior positions in marketing and PR in banking, FMCG, HoReCa. Experience in project development from concept to scaling and launch of franchising. Responsible for restaurant marketing of the gambling zone.

Our book

Irina Orlandini Avrutskaya.
The Battle for the Guest
Irina Orlandini Avrutskaya.
The Battle for the Guest